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Stripped of the Cross

Vol 2 of The Templar Chronicle

On the morning of Friday, October 13, 1307, throughout France members of the Knights Templar were arrested and charged by the King of France. History records that a few Templars of note escaped the initial round-up, but most of these were later captured. Yet, no one truly knows the number of Templars in France or in any other locations around Europe at the time of the arrest. There were plenty of forewarnings that King Philip of France, along with Guillaume de Nogaret, the king’s advisor, was planning something of this nature. If there were Templars left free, what happened to them? We know a few joined other Orders such as the Hospitallers, and in some countries, notably Portugal, the Templars were left almost entirely alone and renamed the Order of Christ in 1319.

Many have asked what became of their wealth, their fleet of ships, and were there more of the warrior monks who were never captured? History has provided no clear answer, and therefore, some assume that the few who remained free merely crept into obscurity. I do not think men of the caliber of what we know of the Templars would do well simply letting life pass them by. These were not men who rode the current of the river of life. These were men who fought against it and then built structures to direct and harness the flow of the river.

"Fugitives: Stripped of the Cross" is the second in a three-book historical fiction series that offers an explanation of what happened following the arrest, trial, and later suppression of the Knights Templar. The series follows the lives of fictional individuals who are intimately involved in the events of one of the history’s greatest mysteries.

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