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Darkness Engulfs the Knight

Vol 1 of The Templar Chronicle

Darkness Engulfs the Knight is a historical fiction covering the period following the arrest of the Knights Templar. This book is the first in a series of three volumes that will present what the author believes may have happened with the Knights and assets that have never been accounted for following the October 13, 1307 arrest of the Templar's by King Phillip of France.

We know that many of the Knights who were not in Paris, France on the day of the arrest have been unaccounted for in the surviving records. Also, there is no record showing what became of the vast wealth and Holy Relics that the Templar's are believed to have possessed. There is also the fleet of Templar ship, which some histories have claimed was the largest fleet in the world at that time, that has never been accounted for. What became of all these people and assets?

There are many theories regarding the Templar's and their wealth. Many of these ideas fall into the category of conspiracy theories, and others are so far-fetched as to be no better than fantasy. While some wish to dismiss anything about the Templar's following the Popes disbanding of the Order in 1312, others believe the Templar's have survived to the present and control all the major governments of the world. In the books of The Templar Chronicle, Tony Marvin has written a historical fiction presenting what he believes may have happened. The author has spent many years researching this topic and hopes to shed new light on this centuries-old mystery.

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