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I have been doing mostly cold metalwork for a number of years. When I first started researching the Knights Templar, I thought it would be interesting to craft some of the armor and weapons that would have been used in that time period. Learning to craft these pieces, staying true to historical designs, helps to add a tangible element to the researching process. Even though I knew very little about the Templars when I started, my first project was an attempt to build a functional suit of Templar armor. Envisioning a suit that fit the Crusading time period of the 1100-1200s, I set off to research the most accurate descriptions of what that suit might look like, how and when it was worn, and what its functionality was. In my research, I started to learn more about many of the mysteries surrounding the Templar, which ultimately lead me to writing the “Templar Chronicles”.

Tony Marvin standing in field with sword Tony Marvin standing in field with sword

After completing my first suit of crusader armor, I decided that I wanted to learn more about blacksmithing. For the last few years, I have been teaching myself blacksmithing and slowly accumulating all of the various tools needed. What I initially anticipated as being relatively cheap investment into a new hobby, has grown into a much larger commitment. The more detailed type of works that I wanted to create, the more the tools required tend to cost!

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I started off trying to build a couple of cheap forges, which were moderately successful. However, I realized that in order for me to progress as a blacksmith, I needed to invest in something professional. I needed something that was cleaner and could be run inside my shop, so I decided to go with a propane forge. Following that, I have acquired an anvil, post-vice, various hammers and tongs, a belt sanding station, among others. A few of my tools, such as the post-vice, I have or am in the process of reconditioning.


Betrayal: Darkness Engulfs the Knight

A historical fiction in which Tony offers an exciting and dramatic insight into what he theorizes became of the Knights Templar. Political and religious tensions come to a boiling point in which key fictional players must make difficult decisions that result in dire consequence. Under the threat of tyranny, no where is safe and no one can be trusted!

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