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As a Child, I wanted to be an astronaut, like many kids born in the early ’60s. By the time I completed High School my ambitions were a little more terrestrial, and I decided to be an artist. But before I finished my first year of college, I had a change of heart. Not having a better idea, I went off on tour with a local band as a sound and lighting technician. Soon after returning from the tour I did a little logging in Northern California until the snows fell, and the season closed. Since my senior year in High School, I had been doing volunteer youth-work whenever I could and found I had a certain knack for it. So, I choose to pursue youth-work as a profession. At first, I worked with street kids, primarily gangs; having grown up in and around, them this was a natural fit. Later the focus shifted to working with teens in drug treatment centers. A few years later everything changed. I fell in love and got married. I realized I no longer desired to be a “professional” youth-worker, I preferred to return to doing youth-work as a volunteer. My wife convinced me that selling drugs would be a good money maker, so I found myself at the age of 29 in Pharmacy School at Oregon State University.

I’m one of those guys that often think, I can do that, and go about learning a mostly useless skill. My wife is always telling me I can’t start a new hobby unless I get rid of an existing one. One of those hobbies that I’ve maintained throughout my entire adult life is writing. Like everyone who reads much I’ve said to myself, “I can write as well as the individual who wrote this book.” I’d written lots of short stories and a few magazine articles, so one day I decided I’d write a book. Others have told me I should write an autobiography, so I tried that. By the time I reached the eighth grade in the story, I was bored, so I figured no one would be interested in reading it, so I shelved that idea.

I looked around for another topic, and I realized I had a subject I had already put several years into researching. One of my useless hobbies is building medieval armor. At one point I decided to make a fully functional suit of Templar style armor and in the studying to find out what I could about the various pieces of armor I became a little obsessed with discovering what I could about the Templars and the mysteries surrounding them. There’s a lot of information regarding the Templars out there, I have no idea how many books, pamphlets, blogs, etc. on the Templars I’ve read. I decided I’d like to present what I think MAY have happened in a manner that was more entertaining to read. So, I started working on The Templar Chronicle. At first, I envisioned it to be a single volume, but as I got to work on it, I realized it would have to be three books.

I still sell drugs for a living and still have more hobbies than I have time to work on them. But, I am making it a priority to get this series of books completed and out there, and to see if maybe I can make one of my hobbies financially viable because I really need a power-hammer and my wife won't let me get one with my drug money.


Betrayal: Darkness Engulfs the Knight

A historical fiction in which Tony offers an exciting and dramatic insight into what he theorizes became of the Knights Templar. Political and religious tensions come to a boiling point in which key fictional players must make difficult decisions that result in dire consequence. Under the threat of tyranny, no where is safe and no one can be trusted!

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